who is stelitsa?

stelitsa is me! Stella Tzobanakis-Dos Santos. 

I was born in Melbourne, to parents who were born in Crete, Greece.

I am a writer, journalist, author and mum, with a passion for heritage, homeware, writing, art, design, photography and travel. 

I have a deep bond with, and love of my ancestral home of Greece (Crete), and with Brazil, where I also have strong family ties. 

stelitsa home has been created as a way to combine these loves (bordering on obsessions really!), and share them with you.

what's in a name?

'stelitsa' is a nickname given to me by my grandmother, Stella (yes, I was named after her!). It invokes so many wonderful memories, feelings, images and words, connected to my yiayia, and to my travels in Greece and Crete. 

stelitsa home is my way of paying homage to my heritage. It is also my 'meraki', that is, what I do with soul, creativity and love, and where I leave a piece of myself.

It's a piece I would like to share with you.

our essence

creative + cultural sustainability 

+  support local and global artists and artisans by collaborating with them to develop sustainable and ethical products locally with a focus on reducing our environmental impact.

+ adhere to the principles of ethical and fair trade.

+ value cultural heritage by celebrating it, preserving it and sharing it with others to achieve cultural sustainability

+ encourage cultural education though collections. 

+ connect with, and create a community of people who share a love of cultural heritage.

Choose well. Choose wisely. Choose proudly